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Hello there, lovely people of the internet! I am, back with another blog post to lighten up your day.
Recently, I’ve discovered some Korean YouTubers who has seriously made me question why I hadn’t known him sooner.

Meet ‘Pani Bottle,’ the enthusiastic travel vlogger who’s been trotting around the globe, captivating the hearts of viewers like me.
It’s been about a month since I stumbled upon his channel, and boy, what a joy ride it has been!

My New Discovery of Korean Youtuber : The Adventurous ‘Pani Bottle’ and the Exciting ‘Kwaktube’

Believe it or not, ‘Pani Bottle’ was relatively unknown until he started appearing on broadcast shows quite frequently.
That’s how I got to know him. And while TV gave him the spotlight, it was his YouTube channel that won me over.
His videos are raw and unfiltered, he curses, and he bargains fearlessly. It’s this authenticity that hooked me right in.

korean youtuber : pani bottle
He got a cheap room, but the door won’t open all the way haha
korean youtuber pani bottle's episode
Just like those people crossing the river for illegal entry, he is recommanded to cross a river

What’s more, his chemistry with another traveling Korean YouTuber ‘Kwaktube’ is just off the charts!
They aren’t necessarily the funniest duo, but their content gives off a healing, feel-good vibe that’s just so comforting.
They don’t just show off the glamorous side of their travels. Instead, they share their genuine experiences—wandering in unfamiliar territories, getting scammed—which makes their adventures feel more real and relatable.


Let me share with you one of my favorite ‘Pani Bottle’ videos.

It’s a little older, but it’s simply too hilarious to pass up. The episode is from his trip to South America, where he was scammed when booking train tickets. You’d think that’d be a nightmare, right? But trust me, the way he handled it was absolutely legendary.
He summoned the police and got his money back! I mean, wow, just wow! I’d probably have been too timid to do anything in a foreign land, but this guy’s courage is truly inspirational.

pani bottle
‘Pani Bottle’ experiences being scammed in South America, leading to a situation where he even summons the police

Speaking of the other Korean Youtuber ‘Kwaktube,’ let me give a shout-out to one of his videos too.

It’s a gem that showcases his journey through Russia.
I found it fascinating not only because Russia is a place foreign to me, but also because ‘Kwaktube’ is fluent in Russian.


This language prowess enabled him to delve deeper into the country’s culture and its people, whom, contrary to the common stereotype of being cold and cynical, turned out to be pretty hilarious.

korean youtuber kwaktube
He tried to negotiate with a bag-selling woman, but she says I don’t look like a student.
korean youtuber kwaktube
This hat-selling man is tempting me to buy this winter hat, saying it’s cheaper to buy in the summer.

Both ‘Pani Bottle’ and ‘Kwaktube’ make their journeys look so easy with their language skills.
It’s sparked my desire to learn a new language, and their videos truly give me the feeling of traveling alongside them. That’s why I’m sharing these wonderful finds with all of you. I hope you’ll find them as amusing and inspiring as I do.

Until next time, keep laughing, keep exploring, and remember, every journey, no matter how small, can become an adventure. See ya!

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